JUN 27 2023

B63: Elite 18m Mid Pilothouse – Starting to Sparkle

27 JUNE 2023

Firstly, a massive congratulations to Decs and his partner on the recent birth of their first child.

And on top of that, Decs, Lloyd and the team have made an enormous effort on B63. The interior fit-out is very nearly completed, the hull has been top-coated and she has been named…. but I am not allowed to tell you that until she is launched.

Launching is now only a week away.

Final post-cure of the deck and superstructure

Superstructure getting undercoated

Interior cabinetry installation underway

Her deck jewellery starts to take shape – This is the pattern Lloyd made for the bow fairlead

And here is the stainless version, finished and ready for installation

Helm station underway

Cockpit construction

More deck jewellery being test fitted

Love me tender….. sorry… the tender has arrived

That is Mark nicely framed by the saloon drink’s fridge surround… which is nearly ready to be installed

Dan test fitting the double berth in the aft port cabin

Josh has made the Salon deckhead panels. Once the holes for the lights have been drilled, our upholsterer will finish them off

Pilothouse access deck head trim almost completed

Pilothouse aft deck seating ready to fibreglass. The circular shape at the back is the davit mounting base

The cockpit Flexiteek being marked up

Final fitting of brass rubbing strips before they are sent out to be chromed

Brent and Decs undercoating the cockpit

Test fitting the mast prior to equipment install and final paint

Prepping for top coating. Her lines are looking very sharp

And finally, the pièce de resistance – when you build a custom boat, you get exactly what you want… even if we have to invent it for you. Nice work Kerry and (FYI, It is an electronically activated footrest… one of two)