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Custom tenders are the pinnacle of super yacht guest transportation, with limousine tenders being the most luxurious and comfortable of them all. Our team of dedicated professionals is passionate about their work, creating custom built tenders that incorporate all of the style and refinement to be found aboard the mothership, resulting in tenders that are true works of art.


Open Limousines

Open tenders are the most versatile of all custom tenders. Sleek and fast and fully equipped for water sports, set up for relaxing or entertaining or an explorer par excellence, our custom tenders are precisely what you want them to be. And, as with the best custom tenders, immediately recognisable as belonging to the yacht they support.



The workhorses of the fleet. These need to be able to handle the wear and tear yet still look the part. This is the advantage of our custom-built utility tenders – we know where the extra attention needs to be paid to ensure these boats will perform as needed yet still be looking stylish in years to come.


Custom superyacht tender FAQs

What sets our custom tenders apart from production models?

The primary benefit of a custom tender compared with production is that your tender is unique, specific to your yacht and incorporates all the features and functionality you require. What is also very important to consider is the impression your tender makes as your guests step aboard – often, this will be the first touch point they have with your yacht – the quality of finish we provided is of superyacht standard, so from the very outset, your guests know they are enjoying the best of the best.

Build quality. With over 35 years of building custom boats of the highest quality, our expert team of craftspeople has earned a reputation for style, quality and durability. This expertise and knowledge are applied to every custom tender we build, so you have the confidence to know your custom superyacht tender will still perform as intended many years from now. That is why we are the boat builder of choice for some world-renowned yachts, such as MY Artefact (2021 Superyacht of the Year) and Sailing Yacht A.

How long does it typically take to build a custom superyacht tender?

The average build schedule for a superyacht tender is between 12 and 18 months; the main factors that influence this are the size of the tender, the complexity of the design and how many other projects we have going on at that time.

A build schedule is included with the build quote, so you have a clear understanding, from the very beginning, of the time required to complete your tender. Our process includes a minimum of one regularly scheduled weekly progress meeting - with your representative or project manager (or yourself if you prefer), so if there is any issue that will impact the build schedule, you are notified well in advance.

Does Lloyd Stevenson Boatbuilders export custom superyacht tenders internationally?
Yes. We have constructed several boats for international clients, including superyacht tenders and America’s Cup chase boats. We handle all shipping, insurance and export documentation.
What kind of after-sales support does Lloyd Stevenson Boatbuilders provide for custom superyacht tenders?

All our tenders undergo extensive sea trials prior to shipping, where any areas needing attention are identified and rectified.

Once the boat has been shipped, we provide global support to our fleet if required. Once we have been contacted, in coordination with the superyacht team, we develop a management plan and implement it as soon as is practical.

Who designs Lloyd Stevenson Boatbuilders' custom superyacht tenders?
For most superyacht tender projects, the client already has a designer. If a client does need a designer, we can recommend some. Having worked with some of the best designers and naval architects in the world, Philipe Starck (Sailing Yacht A tenders), Bill Tripp (Crazy Horse), Bret Bakewell-White (T2 Artefact), we have a good understanding of who the best designer would be for a particular style of tender.
I am an international client; how can I stay updated with the progress of my custom superyacht tender?

One of our key drivers is giving our clients as stress-free and enjoyable an experience as possible. To this end, we utilise multiple communication tools to ensure our international clients are 100% confident with how their project is progressing. 

  • Regular weekly video calls with your project manager:
  • The Friday Update. Every Friday (New Zealand time), we send our clients a digital diary - Friday Update - of the week's progress using the GlobalWorkshop app – GlobalWorkshop is accessible via any device and is a complete chronological record of your build. Click here (link to the GW section on the International clients page on website) for detailed information about the GlobalWorkshop app.
  • Live, online, 24/7 video stream of the build. You will be given access to a video camera located high in the roof of our factory. With this camera, you can tilt, pan and zoom, giving you a birds-eye view of all the activity on your boat.
  • Email and phone. Of course, we are always available via email and phone.

Click here (link to International clients page on website) for detailed information on how we support our global clients.