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Navigating International
Waters: Crafting
Excellence Worldwide

The very first boat Lloyd built was sold to an American client - from that day to this, our international clients have been integral to the success of our business. As our many satisfied international clients will attest, with the technology available to us and the ease of global communication, having your custom super yacht tender, motor yacht or sailing yacht built by us - distance is almost rendered irrelevant. This, coupled with our transparent communication and unwavering dedication to excellence, enables us to give our international clients an experience that only the very best boat builders can provide. 

Exporting custom boats and superyacht tenders to all corners of the world requires an expert understanding of legal, logistical, and regulatory intricacies. We partner with TNL Pindar International to ship our international clients' boats. In coordination with TNL Pindar’s global team of marine logistics experts, we manage every facet of the process for you. From leaving our factory door to arriving at your port of choice, we ensure a seamless delivery across the globe—all done with professionalism, efficiency, and our renowned customer service.

Using technology
to span the globe:  
We make it easy

Building your dream vessel requires more than craftsmanship; it demands collaboration and communication. We understand that being oceans away might initially appear to add unnecessary complications.

The reality is that by utilising all the communication tools available to us today, we provide our clients with a simple, clear, effective and efficient build experience that cuts these complications to the utmost minimum.

The two main concerns we hear are:

  • We are too far away – In our modern world, most decisions are made via email, video call or old-fashioned phone – not in person; how often would you actually go to the yard to make a decision? It is no different with us. With status meetings scheduled weekly - at times that are convenient for you - and our 24-hour live-streaming video camera (see “Seeing is Believing” below), allowing you to watch your build take shape right before your eyes.

  • I can’t just go to the yard and have a look at what is going on – Yes, you can. Firstly - virtually. With our 24-hour live webcam, as mentioned above, video calls with our project manager and our weekly ‘Friday Update’ - a weekly photographic and/or video progress update using the GlobalWorkshop app - you are kept completely up to date on every aspect of your build. 

    The fact is, it does not matter where in the world the yard building your boat is; it is very unlikely to be near where you live, and in many cases, it will require travel to another country. 

    So why not make it an adventure? New Zealand is one of the world’s top destinations, with exceptional restaurants serving the freshest food, world-class golf courses, vineyards, snow-covered mountains, snow skiing, spectacular glaciers and fjords, world-renown game fishing, spectacular hiking trails, stunning deserted beaches and some of the finest cruising grounds to be found – making sea trialling and shakedown cruises a very pleasurable exercise. 

    Every time you come to see how your boat is progressing, you can include a new adventure, exploring all the diversity our beautiful country has to offer. 

Seeing is Believing:
Live Webcams

For all our international clients, we provide a 24-hour live-streaming webcam. This exclusive bird' s-eye window into our shipyard allows you to watch your custom build come to life in real time. From any corner of the world, on any device, witness the dedication of our artisans, the precision of our craftsmanship and the progress of your project. This simple tool offers reassurance and a unique connection to your vessel's creation.

Your Real-time
Weekly Video Calls

For every project we undertake, we assign a project manager. They are your single point of contact and are solely focused on your build. They are incredibly knowledgeable, very experienced and very good at what they do. As part of managing your build, you will have a scheduled weekly video call – more if you would like.

These calls ensure a continuous dialogue between you and your project manager, enabling you to discuss progress, talk through any changes you may have and provide feedback. Your project manager will physically walk you through your boat using the video function on their phone to highlight progress and all points of interest completed since the previous call and discuss the following week’s work. 

This regular, scheduled communication fosters transparency, aligns expectations, and guarantees your unique vision is meticulously brought to life. 

GlobalWorkshop App:
Your entire build
in one place

The GlobalWorkshop app, developed here in New Zealand, is a purpose-built online platform that allows businesses that undertake complicated custom projects for their clients to regularly update them on their build. Using photos and videos, the project's progress is captured and documented. All in a personal account that only the client and builder can access—of course, if the client wants to share the excitement of the build, they can give access to whomever they like.

For our clients, every Friday (New Zealand time), our project managers post a “Friday Update” to the client’s GlobalWorkshop account. This update details the week's progress on the project. In doing so, a complete, chronological record of your build is created – which you can access from anywhere in the world, on any device, at your convenience. 

The Gulf Between Us:
Actually, It Is
Our Backyard

Once your spectacular boat is complete, sea trialling will take place in the stunning Hauraki Gulf, one of the most beautiful cruising grounds in the world. 

There are dozens of islands with beautiful sandy beaches to explore, and it is only a short steam up the coast to the famous Bay of Islands, all within easy reach of our home, Auckland, the City of Sails. 

We take the support we give our clients very seriously. Our objective is to provide a build experience that is professional, friendly, relaxed and very enjoyable. This support does not stop once you have taken possession of your vessel. We are always here to answer questions and make recommendations - and we are delighted to undertake maintenance and upgrade work if you happen to find yourself back in our backyard.

So contact us today to start the incredible journey to becoming a member of the very exclusive Lloyd Stevenson Boatbuilders community.