NOV 01 2018

Superyacht Project 'Artefact' unveiled

01 NOVEMBER 2018

After 11 months of secrecy LSB is proud to reveal it's latest custom superyacht tender build serves the 80m superyacht 'Artefact'. The mother ship's details were revealed by Nobiskrug at the Monaco Yacht Show in September. 

Named Artefact, the 80-metre project will feature class-leading environmental features and will be the first hybrid super yacht to have a DC bus, batteries and a variable speed diesel electric ABB pod propulsion system, according to the yard.

"Artefact is a unique vessel that marries cutting-edge engineering and striking architectural design to embody a tribute to the nuances of human experience that are often overlooked or ignored,” says Captain Aaron T. Clark. “Many traditional  aspects of superyacht GA’s have been challenged and reimagined in this design to  create an unprecedented experience while minimising the impact on fragile marine ecosystems.”  

Follow the link to learn more.

The 11.75 m custom built sports tender, designed by Bakewell-White, is purposed for action and fishing adventures. Full composite, the vessel reflects the design aspects of the mother ship and is due for completion by Shaun and his team in December 2018. Due to privacy reasons we are not able to share renderings of the tender at this stage, but we can share some build photos. 

Sea trials start mid January. Watch this space.