NOV 10 2023

B74: But Wait, There’s More - & it is going to foil

10 NOVEMBER 2023

3D Render of what the finished Catalyst will look like

Not just one new Catalyst but two new Catalyst builds. This one is entirely bespoke with a long list of custom features, not least of which is it will be a foiling version powered by twin 600 hp Mercury motors.

Commissioned as a support tender for a South Pacific based superyacht, it will be the most luxurious Catalyst to date with a high-end equipment and finishes specified throughout..

Ben, Glyn and the team have made significant progress with the hull about to be lifted off the mould. Due for launch mid 2024 there is no time for them to rest on their laurels.

First skin on the mould

Fitting foam core over the skin

Lower cabin superstructure lamination

Aft bulkhead being prepped for infusion


Foil socket

The hull is off the mould

Re-levelling and setting up for structural frames to be installed

3D render of the foils