DEC 22 2022

B72: New Build Start

22 DECEMBER 2022

We are very excited to announce the start of a new project for a one of our clients…. an Elite 16m Mid Pilothouse. This is the second boat we are building for this client.

Bill (Designer) and Gareth (Team Leader) finalising some points before build commences

Serim removing the CNC cut hull framing from the nested panels

Frames being assembled

Stem being laminated

Fiberglassing one of the outside girders

Grid marked out and first frames stood-up

All stood-up

Stem installed. Sven & Aaron fitting chines to stem

Girders installed & shaping the chines

Sven installing plywood hull sheathing

Keel being laminated. Note - First board on the right is the Hardwood Keel batten

Fiberglass inside laminate laid over the plywood. The pre-epoxied, end grain Balsa core is then placed on top - of the still wet - Fiberglass bond layer

Pre-epoxying the Balsa core sheets

Starboard completed

Both sides done

Exterior lamination. First of three layers of fiberglass.

Third & final layer

Hull fairing has commenced