NOV 10 2023

B72: 16m Elite Mid Pilothouse – Super Structured

10 NOVEMBER 2023

Sven, Marty and Lloyd have been making excellent progress on the 16m Elite. Sven’s team is building the hull, Marty’s team is on the cabin superstructure and Lloyd is the project manager.

Benji and his engineering team have installed the two Scania DI 13 550hp engines and are finishing off the main systems and pipework in preparation for the hull and superstructure to be joined.

And then the momentous day came - joining the hull and superstructure - we now have a boat.

But there is no time to rest. The boys are bustling and on target to have her launched in mid-2024.

Here are the progress photos.

Sven teaching Matt how to scarf bulkheads

Forward cabin bulkheads in place

Engine room starting to take shape

Nicole’s pattern for the forward cabin sole

Superstructure build underway, with temporary frames positioned ready for the cabin tops and coamings to be fitted

Engine room. The first coats of high-build paint being applied

Superstructure taking shape. Side decks go on early to improve access to the upper coamings

Struts being dry-fitted

It is an exciting day when the engines arrive

The superstructure starting to look the part

Sven and Benji position the engine mounts

This is the aft section of the exhaust. Yes, not a terribly interesting photo, but I wanted to show that even in the places that very few people will see, the quality of finish is still very high

And now interior furniture is underway. This is the base of the saloon settee

Engine install day…. It is a real milestone when the engines go in

Superstructure joined to the hull

Engine install timelapse

Deck joined to hull timelapse