JUN 07 2022

Artnautica 60 – The Home Stretch

07 JUNE 2022

This stunning, Dennis Harjamaa designed, Artnautica 60, full carbon, sport fisher is now only a few short months away from launching.

Gareth, Kerry and the team have ticked off a lot of work over the last few months. Fairing is mostly completed with guide coat paint on foredeck and cabin. Flybridge captains’ seats, dash and control arm have been test fitted, much of the Oak cabinetry has been completed, the designer’s logo has been made, ready for installation once painting is complete. The beautifully built, custom transom door hinge has been test fitted. This hinge was designed with clearances of 1mm or less, and it fits perfectly. The radar mast is being readied for painting, foredeck "Do Not Fall Off" rails have been fabricated and test fitted. Even the rod holders have been tested (basically the owner subtly telling us to hurry up), so we are on the home stretch. And, if you would like a beautiful 3D render of your pride and joy, here is Mission 3D's website.

Fairing Complete
Fairing complete

Belting faired

Stay-On-Board Rail test fitted

Eat your heart out Captain Kirk. Fly Bridge captain’s seats, control arm and dash – dry fit. Behind the dash are windscreen templates being test fitted

Cabinetry installed and Designer's logo being check for size before install

Beautiful, custom made, transom door hinge - Test fit

Radar mast prepping for painting

Hurry Up!!