Catalyst 45

Catalyst 45 Catalyst 45
Capable of a diverse range of tasks from superyacht support, luxury guest transportation, landing craft, and 58 knot chase boat.

Completed to a superyacht finish and constructed from strong and light-weight e-glass materials, the Catalyst 45 is a powerful, low maintenance, capable sea boat with a proven track record as a superyacht tender.

While the ETNZ tender needed the speed and towing power of the four Yamaha outboards, others have chosen two 350-425 hp V8 outboards as a suitable alternative. The option to customise the interior as well as the boat's clean lines, handling capabilities, fuel economy and powerplants, are all factors in the popularity of this design.

Each new Catalyst 45 is custom built to meet the individual owner requirements. Using the same cabin and hull moulds reduces cost whilst still offering changes to the hull length, seating, cabin length and width, accommodation options, head, storage positions and finishing materials. Of the 18 built so far not one has been quite the same.

Previously built by Salthouse Boats the ever-popular Catalyst received a new home with us in 2020.

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