Vaka Motu

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Lloyd Stevenson Boatbuilders is proud to partner with the ‘Okeanos Foundation’ in the exciting production of ocean voyaging vaka.

Building twin hull vaka has been a little out of the ordinary for Lloyd Stevenson Boatbuilders but it has been a rewarding process combining today's modern boatbuilding technologies with traditional methods of Polynesian construction and culture.

Each hull is constructed of e-glass and foam core using advanced epoxy resin infusion processes. In contrast to these modern methods, traditional aspects remain clearly visible with each hull lashed together using wooden beams and ropes. The new vaka technology connects the best of the past with the best of the future and includes the use of solar panels and coconut oil-fuelled engines, perfectly suited for fossil-fuel free transport of people, food, medicine, and supplies between South Pacific Islands.

Lloyd Stevenson Boatbuilders is proud to contribute to the mission and vision of the Okeanos Foundation.

“Okeanos is a community of international ocean navigators, scientists, cultural leaders, spiritual advisors, activists and artists. Together, we share a vision for a sustainable, fossil fuel free future built upon respect for traditional knowledge, environmental stewardship, biodiversity and holistic place-based education and development strategies. We develop, fund and implement projects that inspire and initiate positive change for people and the environment – while increasing awareness of the threats our oceans face in tandem with realistic future solutions.

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