Power Play

“Power Play" was built for a Hawaiian client to the highest standard for racing and cruising and has competed successfully in many events. Designed by Laurie Davidson, she comes from the pedigree that successfully defended the 30th America's Cup in 2000, with Laurie one of the principal designers for Team New Zealand.

Power play has a simple but functional interior as you would expect in a racer /cruiser, however the yard can provide a Super Yacht style interior in a sail boat, with minimal weight, using the latest in composite materials and construction techniques.

Power Play is now back in New Zealand and has been renamed Outlaw.

DESIGNER: Laurie Davidson


LOA: 12.77m
Beam: 3.7m
Draft: 2.28m
Displacement: 5,126kg
Fuel: 57LWater: 68L
Engine: Yanmar 27hp
Drive: Shaft