Crazy Horse

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Crazy Horse is a superb and superlative example of her kind, a 38-foot express cruiser that supports the finer points of a sophisticated lifestyle and develops ride, handling and performance to the highest level.

A modern classic in all respects, the red, white and blue of Crazy Horse's highly polished composite hull is topped by teak decking laid with an eye for absolute detail, and mahogany and tawa bright-work crafted to a show-case finish.

The blend of natural and polished timber finishes, classical nautical themes and clean flowing lines impart an elegance and aura that belies Crazy Horse's state-of-the-art construction and engineering.

The hull is built from post-cured epoxy composites - including extensive use of carbon fibre and Kevlar - and the drive lines are smooth running Kamewa aluminium water jets.

The result is a vessel that can grace any international setting, pampers its crew with every comfort and effortlessly attains speeds achieved by few others.

Fully laden Crazy Horse cruises at a relaxed 42 knots (48mph) and she has a sprint speed of 49 knots (56mph) in light trim.

DESIGNER: Bill Tripp