INEOS Britannia

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This high-performance 45-foot Catalyst was commissioned by INEOS Britannia for the 37th America’s Cup as a support and chase boat.

Launched in mid-2023, this is the second Catalyst for Lloyd Stevenson Boatbuilders; constructed from carbon and e-glass with a foam core, this boat is light, strong and incredibly stable, even at very high speeds. 

The solid foam fenders give an alternative look to the inflatable tubes Catalysts are usually dressed with, and the cabin is offset to port to allow the racing yacht sails to be rolled or flaked and laid flat on the starboard side deck.

Powered by four 350 hp Suzuki outboards, this iteration has an impressive 60 knots top speed and even when loaded with four tonnes of people and equipment, 55 knots is still achievable. 

As is true with all the Catalysts, the ride is incredibly stable and flat and she is capable of tight, full-speed turns without cavitation.