Designed for a Seattle based yachtsman, Braveheart was Brett Bakewell-White's latest interpretation of the 52ft Box Rule which promotes close international competition without restricting the excitement and verve associated with high-speed sailing.

Weight saving is a high priority under the rule and Braveheart was constructed from advanced epoxy composites (post-cured carbon fibre reinforcements over a Nomex core) and fitted out with a minimalist racing interior. Although the interior was spartan, it was not austere and sophisticated statements were made via the quality of finish. An exceptional laminating standard was maintained throughout and the interior hull surface was clear varnished and polished to a deep, black lustre.

The internationally respected composite engineering and material supply firm, High Modulus, and New Zealand's leading epoxy resin formulation and supply company, Adhesive Technologies, contributed resins, composite engineering expertise and composite materials to this project. On completion they independently volunteered letters of endorsement detailing the industry-leading process control, tight specifications and exceptional standard of finish achieved during the construction of this mainly carbon fibre vessel.

DESIGNER: Bakewell-White Yacht Design



LOA: 15.8m
Beam: 4.27m
Draft: 3.2m
Displacement: 7,486kg
Fuel: 150L
Water: 40L
Engine: Yanmar 4JH3CE 56hp
Drive: Sail drive