JUN 07 2022

Custom Catalysts – Seeing Double (or is that quadruple)

07 JUNE 2022

Ben and his dedicated team have commenced construction on not one, but two Catalysts 45s.

Following our announcement late last year of a build for an America’s Cup syndicate, we have now started the build for a second team.

The versatility of design of these high-performance boats is such that they can be customised to meet a multitude of Client needs. See the concept render at the bottom of the page. This Catalyst "Weekender" was developed for a customer wanting a fast boat they could spend the weekend on. This design includes a master cabin, head, shower, two single berths, bow sun deck and swim stairs lowering from the bow.

Main Hull Mould Preparation.

More Hull Mould Prep

Hull Centre, Wave Splitter Section. Completed And Ready For Removal From The Mould.

Hull Centre, Wave Splitter Section, looking Toward The Bow.


If you are interested in discussing a Catalyst Weekender, or any other project, please contact Robert Daly at, or Jeremy Anderson at Or telephone +64 9 274 7680