DEC 22 2022

B63: Elite 18m Mid-Pilothouse – She now looks like a boat

22 DECEMBER 2022

Massive progress for Decs, Lloyd and the team.

With the launch of Matuku and Wind Spirit, B63’s hull was moved into the main production area and her hull and cabin superstructure were joined.

With that complete, the girls and boys could start fabricating and installing all the interior components such as stairs, bulkheads and the base structures for the furniture.

The boat has progressed a great deal, to such a stage that the fairing is complete on the cabin exterior and hi-build has been sprayed on the cabin coamings and most of the interior.

Hull Move
B63’s hull moving to the main production area

Cabin to Hull
Cabin top being manoeuvred into position

Cabin to Hull 2
Two are now one

Interior fit out – dry fitting the saloon seats

Hi-build 1
First coat of hi-build paint being applied

Hi-build 2
Cabin lower coamings first hi-build

Interior Primer
Interior primer paint being applied